7 Bedside Table Styling Tips to Make Your Room Even More Beautiful

We know exactly what’s on your mind when you think of pairing a bed with a bedside table. It’s a no brainer, right? Well what if after all it’s somehow functional? It will be the spot to place your mobile phone or your book after late night read before you sleep. So, whether you have small or ornate dresser or a floating wall shelf you should definitely get your bedside table styling just right with this simple tips that we believe will bring you inspiration for your sleep sanctuary.

1. Pretty Blooms

Photography | Nikole Ramsay

When we say pretty blooms, we think of fresh flowers. Yes, no matter if it’s just one stem or a bunch they should be present on your bedside table. They will bring a nice organic touch to the bedroom and a bit of meaningful color to your nightstand. Have in mind opting for a delicate plant or sculptural succulent instead.

2. Let There be Light

A beautiful small lamp will do the work here. It is a simple way to add a bit of design flair to your bedside table. If the table is a small one you should look for a sleek style that won’t take up a lot of room, and if the table is a modern hard-egged style then try to balance with a shapely lamp design.

3. All Shapes and Sizes

Start using different objects such as vases, perfume bottles, and trinkets in varying sizes, shapes and heights, If you choose to group three work best and stacked books it will be perfect for dding height if needed.

4. Layer Upon Layer

Forget about not experimenting and being afraid of overlapping items. Do it! For example, position the lamp to partly cover an artwork or place smaller item in front of a larger one that will provide character to your arrangement.

Photography | Derek Swalwell

5. Good Scents

Want to add luxurious touch? Add a lightly scented candle and choose a scent that suits the mood you want to convey. The perfect choice for making calm and relaxing space opt for a scent inspired by the see, and for a light and fresh feel opt for delicate floral note.

6. Color Code

By sticking to a base color you can easily create a sense of cohesion with your displayed bedside items. And make sure all the items also to coordinate with your bedding and furniture.

Photography | Maree Homer

7. Personal Touch

By adding an item that has a special meaning to you the result can be magical. It can be a framed photograph, travel moment or an artwork you love, so it can give your nightstand a character.


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