A Grey Kitchen With Office and a Thousand Drawers on a Budget

We tell you all the details that transform this kitchen into the favorite room in the house. We even open drawers to show you!


They have been two of the objectives when furnishing this kitchen, a project by the interior designer Adriana Farré. That is why for most of the modules you have chosen drawers:

  • They allow good access to the bottom, you don’t have to bend down to find what you are looking for, you can see the interior from above.
  • More advantages? You do not lose an inch of storage like a closet and being taller than a drawer (these are about 15 cm), pots and pans fit better.
  • The U-shaped arrangement of the work area increases the comfort of movements and makes it possible to put more modules.

The other highlight of the kitchen is light. It pours in through the window but multiplies thanks to the glass that separates it from the adjoining room, destined for the ironing room.

Thanks to this amount of light they have been able to bet on the gray of the furniture and on a super warm floor that imitates wood.

At the other end of the kitchen, a stylish office with a large storage capacity has been designed.


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