A Floor That Shows Why Gray Does Not Fail to Decorate

Playing with two shades of gray and using warm materials such as velvet, this house in Barcelona shows that you can have everything: elegance, functionality, light, and order.

In the hall of this house in Barcelona, ​​the eyes are caught by the furniture from an old rescued printing press and that spectacular industrial enclosure from which the living room is accessed.

The story of this apartment is one of reunification: it had belonged to an old lady, who had divided it in two to give her son an apartment. The family that bought it needed just the opposite, very wide spaces with no obstacles of light.

Surprises await us in the living room that will make us fall in love. There is a fireplace, but bioethanol one, which doesn’t heat as much, it doesn’t smell and gives warmth to the home.

The dining room wall (integrated into the living room) keeps a secret. The wooden curtain rod covers led strips that strategically illuminate it. The problem? Precisely because of that overhead lighting, the irregularities of the wall were very visible. The solution? Panel it with wood, although the measurements were so large that they had to make three sheets of DM.

The touch of distinction was given by an infallible color: gray. The interior designers played with two tones so that it was not monotonous: in most of the house the walls are light gray, but in some, such as the dining room or the headboard of the master bedroom, there’s a darker tone. Shown: Light gray and dark gray go great together.

The kitchen is U-shaped, the most recommended for small spaces. The same play of colors (off-white, light gray and dark gray) is present on the wall above the dashboard, the integrated hood, the furniture itself and the ceramic floor.

In the master bedroom, more tricks: a curtain on the headboard wall hides a warm led light and, again, a dark gray painted wall gives fluidity and elegance to the decoration.

The interior designer also designed the cabinets: This area is full of cabinet doors, because the bedroom is accessed through a dressing room. So that they were not too flat, they  designed them with horizontal stripes and we put leather handles to give a warm touch.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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