16 Excellent Examples Of Gray In Your Interior Design

Are you from that group of people who think that gray color is dirty, dull and cold? Think again. Perhaps it is unusual and mysterious, but gray is trendy, chic, classic and warm. It is the recent years come back to the world of interior design and is very used. And while you are still suspicious and insecure, we can only show you a couple of interior design ideas in gray color that will make you change your mind, or to reject all doubts.

The gray walls are the perfect backdrop for a bedroom dominated by a pink or other soft color, in which the decorations are in warm copper tones. It will look romantic and modern. Do not be afraid to use gray color for all elements in the interior, walls and furniture. Kitchen with gray kitchen cabinets will look classic and modern. For an elegant touch you need to use the worktop of white marble and wooden chairs of dark wood. To add depth, you can use several shades of gray. Using different shades of gray, is long known trick. The small rooms are not easy to decorate. How to avoid feeling cramped and dark, that is common to all who have small rooms? Using bright shades of gray that you need to pair with wooden floors and white furniture, you can create pleasant and comfortable living space. With grey in your interior, the result will be a modern and clean look. See our proposals, and you will make your choice.


Image via Donald Grant


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