9 Clever Room Divider Ideas

This is the game-changer for just about any room space! Would you saw it coming if we didn’t mention it? We think yes, so we want to share some wise words with you when it comes to room dividers. They can transform an interior no matter what you want it for, so whether you are on the hunt for a stylish accent to separate spaces in an open layout or spruce up a drab corner, this is the right item for you! Does it happen that you have a small space? Don’t worry about that, the versatile design solution is brilliant and fits small and large spaces.

We have gathered some of the most flawless room divider ideas for your home as inspiration. So basically we leave it up to your choice which one will fit your living or dining area.

1. Tall and Neutral Design

Here, the interior designer added a tall neutral folding screen so warmth can be felt in the living room. You see, sometimes a neutral space calls for a design accent to serve as a statement of the finishing touch.

2. Sliding Glass Screen

To add some privacy and visual interest the frosted glass screen can be the solution. Look at this wonderful space with the brilliant idea of room divider.

3. French Design

The Madrid home is definitely a lesson in maximalism with the playful dining area that features a 19th-century French screen. The botanical print complements the dramatic wallpaper.

4. Japanese Screen

Designs like this one are not a common thing, but only for some special occasions, like when the American ambassador comes to live in Vienna. Here we can see the antique screen positioned between a pair of gilt mirrors.

5. Choose a Punchy Color

A texture folding screen in a blue color is the perfect solution of the “punchy color palette”. It looks so decorative in a lackluster corner!

6. Glass Wall

With the implementation of the sleek glass doors, the custom sliding design plays up the apartment’s airy and zen-feel like.

7. Korean Screen


The Korean screen has been from the 19th-century and you can see how the black screen adds contrast to the teal sofa.

8. Faux Leather Screen

The balance in this room has been reached with the black faux leather crocodile screen. To a palette of grays this makes the look even more luxurious to live in.

9. Flank a Fireplace

Here, the interior designer opted for a look that will flank the sitting room’s fireplace with a pair of Chinese lacquered screens.


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