7 Patios House by TETRO Arquitetura in Alphaville, Brazil

Project: 7 Patios House
Architects: TETRO Arquitetura
Location: Alphaville, Brazil
Area: 4,897 sf
Photographs by: Gustavo Xavier

7 Patios House by TETRO Arquitetura

TETRO Arquitetura has completed the 7 Patios House project in the town of Alphaville in Brazil. As the title of this project hints, the dwelling has access to 7 patios making it the perfect home to enjoy the outdoors while sitting in a comfortable spot, and there are many of those in the 5,000 square feet that it has to offer.

The 7 Patios House is located in a private condominium in Nova Lima/MG. The site has a slight slope, no vegetation, and is located close to the condominium limits. Right outside this limit is a highway. The noise from cars can be heard from inside the land. Right in front of the land, across the highway, a factory can be seen, so the best views are looking diagonally. From both sides, it is possible to see the forest and the mountains, typical of Minas Gerais.

The project is a direct response to the understanding of the place. After the first visit, it became clear the need to create an architecture that minimizes negative impacts and expands positive characteristics. With this understanding, no choice was made by the architect’s taste or will. Everything is an answer and is intended to reinforce a concept. In the context of this terrain, it is essential to reduce sound and visual pollution. In addition to that, the proximity to the side neighbors must be considered for the positioning of the openings.

To minimize the noise from the highway and best explore the view, a solid wood wall was designed for the main façade, with openings on both sides of the volume. From the central courtyard, it is possible to see the forest and the mountains, but one can no longer hear the noise or see the factory sheds. All rooms face small inner patios in order to provide privacy and the best views.

The house was designed to occupy all the space near the land’s boundary allowed by local regulations. With this, it was possible to leave the interior of the site free for the creation of the largest possible central courtyard. This patio, in addition to creating a private space for leisure, sets the tone for the location of the other spaces and is the main place for coexistence. Around this void, we have a single corridor that circulates through all other environments of this building. The 7 Patios House rises from ground level and is accessed through a passageway between gabion walls. From the street level, what one sees is a one-story house supported on slopes with vegetation. These strategies mitigate the negative impacts and contribute to expanding the site’s best qualities.

TETRO Arquitetura


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