6 Reasons Beautiful Architecture Is A Smart Investment

Real estate agents know that most homebuyers have already made a decision before they enter a house. The interior design of a home is important, but the exterior is almost always the deciding factor. If a home’s exterior doesn’t immediately appeal to a buyer, it will be hard to sell. This makes sense considering the interior is easier to customize than the existing architecture.

If your home wasn’t built with beautiful architecture, you can always add to it for some great benefits:

1. Make a wonderful first impression for potential buyers

Since buyers make up their minds quickly based on a home’s exterior, renovating existing architecture is a great way to make a strong first impression.

For instance, your front lawn is one of the first things a potential buyer will see when taking in the whole view. If your lawn is just a patch of grass, it’s not going to make an impression. However, you can make an impression by installing an arbor for people to walk under to get to the front door and line the edges of the lawn with decorative items like rocks or stones.

A combination of landscaping, hardscaping, and light architecture to frame the front of your home can go a long way.

2. Great architecture can increase the value of your home

Beautiful architecture adds more than aesthetics to your property. The right architecture – like a rooftop bar or theater – can greatly increase the value of your home and lead to a quick house sale. Especially when the architecture is unique, ornate, and detailed.

Homes designed by architects can have a value of up to 50% higher than similarly sized homes designed by builders or premade plans. Architects generally charge between 5-15% of construction costs, so if the value added by an architect’s work exceeds the fee you pay, that’s a direct benefit to you.

Even if you don’t think you’re going to sell your home, increasing the value of your property doesn’t hurt. In fact, if you ever need to take out an equity loan, you’ll have more funds available.

3. Your guests will love to visit and they’ll have more fun

Many people love to admire homes with beautiful architecture. It also makes for great conversation over lunch or tea. When your home has architecture that people find attractive, they’ll want to spend more time in your home.

If you’ve always wanted to host parties for the groups you belong to, having an attractive home gives you a better chance at taking on the role of host. Especially if you replace your pool’s diving board with a trampoline.

4. Outdoor kitchen dining is great for entertaining

By building an outdoor dining area, you can entertain guests in a more professional manner than the traditional poolside barbecue. Barbecues are great, but nothing beats hosting an outdoor dinner party with a proper setup. “My clients’ eyes light up at a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with plumbing, electricity, and gas,” says Jill Penman, a realty associate who regularly works with luxury properties.

5. Great architecture can preserve your home

If you’re building a home from scratch, you should know that architects build homes with high quality materials and careful thought. This is what makes a home last longer. Their thoughtful planning also makes building less costly. Architects want to maximize the value of the homes they build, as well as the aesthetic appeal.

6. Interior architecture captivates attention and awe

Although the exterior of your home makes the first impression, the interior still counts. Details like crown molding, box-beam ceilings, and scalloped stair walls are just a few examples of details that induce a sense of awe.

Focusing on capturing natural light is another important element of interior design. Vaulted ceilings that let the light in make people feel more alert and happy.

Architecture is an investment

Whether you’re building a new home or looking for ways to add beauty to your existing home, investing in architecture is a smart move. You don’t need to hire a crew to remodel your entire home. You can start with the garden or your front yard. Any improvement you make to your home, no matter how small, will make a big difference.


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