6 Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Agent You Should Always Remember

Whether you’re selling or buying a new house, working with a reliable real estate agent is one of the most important aspects you need to look into. However, not all agents are created equally. Some may be good, while others may not. As such, it’s best to consider the qualities of a good real estate professional before hiring one.

For instance, it’s important for a professional realtor to have the necessary training and qualifications to carry out their job. If your agent is doing a poor job, then, you may not be able to complete your transaction successfully.

Thus, if you’re looking for a real estate agent today, below are the six qualities you should always remember before hiring one:

What Is A Real Estate Agent?

In simple terms, a real estate agent, realtor, or broker is a professional who handles transactions involving real properties. They can work independently, as part of a business, or under an attorney for legal services, while also working as an agent for buyers or sellers of real properties.

The roles of a realtor aren’t confined to selling properties; they can also help with marketing properties and assisting the buyer or seller with the process. Although most agents will work on commission, this arrangement varies from one agent to another. While, many times, an agent is considered as a representative of both the buyer and seller, the agent shouldn’t be used as a middle-man between the buyer and seller. This is because they’ll be representing the seller and not the buyer, and shouldn’t be using their relationship to benefit themselves.

On the other hand, there are real estate agents who only work in certain areas or states. A realtor must also make sure that the buyer and seller both feel comfortable dealing with each other. They can work for an agency or independently and be responsible for their own work. The agent may also choose to work directly with a client to help with the process of getting a deal closed. In other words, an agent can be a very valuable asset for both buyers and sellers in today’s real world.

What’s The Importance Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent?

Nowadays, the need for a real estate agent is extremely important as the buying or selling property in Vancouver and other parts of the world are two things many people are interested in.

For those looking for a home that will not cost them much, it’s important that they understand the benefits of hiring a real estate agent to help them find their dream property. While it’s true that some people simply don’t have a great deal of time to spend on the process, most people know that in order to be successful at buying or selling a home, they need the help of an expert in this area. Therefore, here are the top benefits of hiring a real estate agent:

  • Gives You Access To The Best Homes Being Sold Today – One of the main advantages of hiring real estate agents is that they often have access to some of the best homes that are being sold today. They can make this information available to you at no cost, and, in many cases, they’ll allow you to see properties through their eyes and see how much they’re worth before actually making a decision. This will help make sure that you’re getting the highest price possible for your property. Therefore, it’s imperative that you research properties before deciding to buy or sell them, and the services of a realtor can help you do this.
  • Gives You A Good Price Break – Another advantage to hiring a real estate agent is that they can usually provide you with a good price break. When you use the services of a realtor, you can get a good indication of the value of the property without even seeing the property. Therefore, you can make sure that you’re getting the best price possible for your investment.
  • Walks You Through The Selling Process – When you’re about to sell your house, the real estate agent can walk you through the process and give you all the necessary information on how to sell your house. This will help you get the best deal possible because the agent will know what’s required of them to be successful. They know the ins and outs of the entire process, and they’ll be able to help you get it all done in a timely manner so that you won’t have to hire another professional to handle this task for you.

As you can see, it’s important that you learn about the benefits of hiring a real estate agent before you decide on which company you’re going to hire. By using the services of one, you can save money and you’ll also be able to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable person who knows what they’re doing.

What Are The Best Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Agent To Remember?

By now, you already have an idea of what a real estate agent is and the benefits of hiring one for your real estate needs. This time, it’s best to tackle the different qualities of a professional in real estate that you should remember right from the beginning. These can include:

1.Has The Right Expertise And Skills

If you’re looking for a real estate agent to help you purchase your dream home or invest in real estate, the first quality you should look into is their expertise in real estate. Their skillset is something and they’ve acquired and polished over time.

You can determine if a real estate agent possesses the right knowledge and skills by asking relevant questions, such as the following:

  • Do you have an active license? You should make sure that the agent you’ll work with is accredited, trained, and professional. Every agent should be ready to present their license when working with their clients. If they can’t provide one, it can be a go-signal to go away and find someone else.
  • How long do your listings sit on the market? This is another question that can help you determine the level of expertise and skills of your potential real estate agent. By knowing their listing’s average days in the market, you’ll know how skillful they are when it comes to selling homes. In case the average days are oddly high compared to other agents, ask for an explanation. If they can’t give answers, find another one.
  • How long have you been a real estate agent? Asking them about their valuable years of experience is important in knowing how skilled they are in the industry. Usually, long years of being a real estate agent means they know the ins and outs of the market. Also, experienced agents also have interest in houses and architecture. Thus, if they can recommend the best home features that are driving the real estate market this year, it’s an indicator that they’re updated with the latest house trends and that they do their research thoroughly.
  • What’s the ratio between buyers and sellers you represent? If you’re looking for an agent to sell your home, you should ask this question to determine if they’re a deal-breaker or not. If their history shows that they represented more buyers than sellers, then, your prospective agent might not have adequate experience in listings. So, pay attention to this question if you want someone who can help with your selling needs.
  • How do you negotiate? Having good negotiation skills is important in determining the agent’s level of expertise. Generally, a big part of a real estate agent’s job is to negotiate with their clients about three things. These can include the listing price, selling price, and their commission. Hence, if they can use their negotiation skills to secure a good amount of commission for themselves, then, they have the expertise and skills necessary to negotiate with all other real estate matters.

2.Has Knowledge About The Local Housing Market

A good real estate agent knows the local housing market. They’re knowledgeable about the property prices and sales trends of a specific area, and they can advise you of the best ways to purchase the home you want at the price you desire. Also, what most people don’t know is that these professionals have a vast amount of knowledge in their area.

In addition, a good real estate agent will know a number of ways you can locate the best deals on your home. They’ll also be familiar with the best neighborhoods, the hottest shopping districts, and the best time of year to invest in a home. In short, if you want that your transaction becomes a success, it’s best to consider one who understands the local housing market very well.


Another quality a real estate agent should possess is charisma. When they have charisma, their clients will feel more comfortable in their presence. When they can connect with the clients on a personal level, they can provide them with the assistance they need. However, being a good broker doesn’t just depend on their charisma and how they can get the attention of the clients.

Realistically speaking, a good real estate agent should also take the time to learn the art of networking and developing good relations with all the different people they come across with. By doing this, they can establish good relationships that can help them with finding buyers for their properties. This is one thing a good agent should know, especially when it comes to dealing with the media.

For example, if a real estate agent is selling a property that’s in in a different state from where they’re located, they should be familiar with how they can get the media to cover their listing. This is something that they’ll need to know because without media coverage, they won’t be getting enough clients.


A good real estate agent should also be trustworthy. They should be able to explain to you all the information that you need about the real estate market with all honesty. They should give you the necessary advice and information that would help you determine which properties are most profitable and which ones aren’t. They can also sincerely tell you about the condition of the real estate properties that are for sale. For instance, if the property isn’t up to the mark and needs repairs, they can advise you on what to do so that you can make a wise decision when buying it.


A real estate agent should be creative. If they want to help people who are looking for a new home, they should take the time to find ways to make this process as easy and effective as possible. They’ll also use clever marketing techniques to increase the price of the home and convince the potential buyer that this is the best deal.

In addition, creative agents will also take the time to find out about the home itself. They’ll not just show up at a house without first understanding the condition or location of the house. They have a detailed knowledge about the surrounding areas.


In today’s digital world, a good real estate agent should also be tech-savvy. They should know how to navigate computers and Internet to get the most out of their job. Given the health crisis the world is facing now due to COVID-19, being a tech-savvy agent is a must.

When your potential realtor knows how to make use of virtual home staging, real estate apps, and websites, they can be able to stay on top of the tech-savvy competition among real estate agents in the market today.

Bottom Line

To summarize, there are a lot of qualities of a good real estate agent that you should always keep in mind. By knowing the best qualities an agent should have, you can find the right one who can work best for your real estate needs and things will be much easier for you.


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