6 Laundries That Will Make You Dream

We don’t all have room in our accommodation to create a room in the laundry room. Often the machines are in the bathroom or in the kitchen under the worktop. But if for once we allowed ourselves to dream a little. (Yes, having a room dedicated to washing clothes makes me dream!) And if you are currently reviewing the layout of your accommodation, you will surely find in this article ideas to arrange a laundry space so that it is practical and agreeable!


We start strong with THE laundry room that makes you dream because it is spacious because there is a lot of storage because everything is grouped in the same place. But hey, if we had so much space in our accommodation, the drying rack would not have taken up residence in the middle of our living room – just like yet another member of the family! More seriously, what is interesting in this type of arrangement is 1. that everything is grouped together 2. storage is organized 3. we no longer need to tidy up the ironing board after each use. When I tell you about box storage for a minimalist interior, we are not that far away. The sheets are stored together and do not take up unnecessary space in the dressing room. The same goes for bath sheets and towels.


We switch to a more realistic format, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming and taking good ideas. I already like it because it’s much more realistic at the surface level. (I happen to have realistic dreams!). What is interesting is the superposition of machines, to save space. What is also easily achievable is the small curtain to hide the dirty laundry bin (s), the shelf above the laundry into preventing it from overflowing to put household products or the shower curtain bar to hang shirts as soon as they come out of the dryer.


Because if you are really honest, doing the laundry for the whole family is not an exciting activity, so you might as well put a little decoration in it to make the moment more pleasant. In the image below, the decoration is quite simple in the end: a pretty color on the furniture, a dark wood essence for the worktop, and the shelf. White, simple, and efficient metro tiles. But in the end, it is a much more welcoming space than the first configuration that we proposed to you.


Storage is an important part of the laundry room since it allows you to hide the different detergent products from children, but they also allow you to store everything related to household linen. We can obviously create storage in different ways. For example, using kitchen wall units with or without a facade. This type of furniture is often less deep than the low furniture, which allows not to have accumulations at the bottom of the shelves without being able to access them. A functional laundry will do its job!


A new laundry room that does not require much space. The difference with the others presented before is that it does not offer “worktop” space to fold the laundry for example. However, storage is optimized and there is a space dedicated to hanging clothes so that they do not wrinkle. What is also interesting in this configuration is the lightingThe luminaire can light up several areas of the space which will make your daily life easier.


Very often – as we wrote above – the washing machine is in the bathroom. It is sometimes the only place in the accommodation that has a water drain. As in the previous case, the advantage of this configuration is to optimize the top and the surroundings of the machine to have a real space dedicated to washing clothes. Here racks are targeted on the walls to be able to arrange the space in a modular way. A shelf serves as a worktop for folding the laundry while above, shelves serve as shelves.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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