5 Simple Tricks To Enter More Light In The Home

Bright apartment with a large windows through which will enter a lot of sunlight, is desire of each of us. But not every home is well positioned, so there is no good natural lighting, especially in the cloudy days. The good news is that there are little tricks that will help to achieve just that, without spending a lot of money.

1. Avoid dark massive furniture

This type of furniture makes the area darker. So, if you are able to replace it with brighter and lighter pieces such as coffee tables with light feet and top made of glass.

2. Set open shelves

Open shelves will visually make your space bigger. Therefore avoid massive cabinets and closed shelves. Plus, make sure the details of the shelves to be in bright colors.

3. Use more mirrors

Mirrors are a phenomenal way to bring more light into the house and make it more spacious. But it is important to know where to place a mirror. You should strive to set it against or near a light source to reflect the same.

4. Minimalism for maximum impact

The clutter on the shelves literally absorbs the light and makes the space closed, darker or with a word like a cave. So, clean the space where you live and throw everything that is unnecessary and creates a chaos, and opt for the authenticated minimalism.

5. Choose metallic decorations

Metallic details in the home give impression as the mirrors- they reflect light and thus make the space wider, brighter, more interesting and open. Metallic frames for pictures or mirrors are an excellent choice, but you can insert also metallic vases, pots, lamps, etc.


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