5 Most Efficient Ways To Revive Your Interior With Colors

Perhaps you initially liked the white walls, but over the time the most us, simply want a change. Fortunately, there is no need to change the whole space to bring some freshness into the home. These four simple ways will help you to emphasize some parts of the home with adding some colorful and lively details.

1. Create a wall gallery

Every home should have some decoration on the wall. But if you try to set up many photos in frames, you will surely spend a lot of money. Well, to refresh the wall, you can hang some decorative items: decorative bowls, colorful mirrors,artworks, etc… Use everyday items that you already have. With this you will not only add color, but you will also create an incredible focal point in the room.

2. Repaint some piece of the furniture in vibrant color

Although the wall-gallery is a great idea, you can try something new. Instead of painting the whole wall, you can opt for something more functional like a vibrant coffee table or a dresser. Choose your favorite vibrant color and enter it in your interior.

3. Colorful rugs and carpets

Colorful prints on the carpets can make a real miracle in the space. Not only will they “cheer up” the room, but will also create a new dimension. If you have a carpet in a neutral color, you can put colorful rugs next to it. Of course, you should stick to a single print that matches the theme of your room.

4. Fill the room with plants

An ordinary vase with flowers can add real natural beauty to every space. In addition, you can use your imagination and make your unique flower arrangements. Arrange more pots and stick them one to another. If you do not want flowers, you can always use green plants.

5. Opt for colorful curtains

This is another cheap way to revive your interior, using colorful curtains. Encourage yourself to choose vibrant curtains and your space will get a new shine.


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