4 Superb Advices To Revive Your Interior Without Painting

Neutral colors, such as white, can visually increase and brighten the space, as well as create an illusion of openness and transparency. But such colors can sometimes look bored, unless several things are done during the decorating of the arrangement. Below are some tips that will help you to transform every sterile white and neutral space.

Add decorative lighting or artworks

If you want to create an impression of romanticism and intimacy in space, you will simply do it with nice lighting and a dose of art. Thus, the lamps or LED lights, interesting pictures and photos are the key details that will give that charm to every white space.

Use colored details

For those who like strong and striking colors, but in small doses, this is a great solution that will contribute to the establishment of a balance in every white space. It is quite enough to select a few details whose colors will “pop up” from the white surface, such as some furniture element, bedspreads, pillows, photo frames or lamps.

Add greenery

Instead of green wall or green furniture, add plants in the room. Plants will give the white space a feeling of freshness and transparency as well as a the colors.

Experiment with textures

Monochrome rooms, especially those in white, can look very monotonous. Therefore, the various textures are of great help, even in the same tones in the form of interesting carpet, pillows with unique pattern, the unique plastic stool or everything else that you like, because the options are infinite.


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