4 Spectacular Trends Which You Will Hardly Resist In 2018

The best interiors always reflect the owner’s personality and have a few key details that make them attractive. Some famous designers discover which trends will mark the year ahead. For which trends it comes, you will find out in the following post.

Monochrome design

According to the designers, more and more people are looking for simplicity and peace in the living space, and the easiest way to achieve this is by using colors and selecting furniture and items of identical nuances. In the upcoming year, many designers predict the great popularity of monochromatic interior designs.

Spectacular lamps

This year, many home owners will replace classical lamps, with new ones, with spectacular patterns, plush design or lamps with minimalist design.

Rounded sofas

Rounded sofa models are trendy alternatives of the standard L-shaped designs. In addition to looking great from any angle, rounded sofas, inspired by the 70’s, are predicted with a great success in this year.

Use of black metal and wood in a dark shades

Black metal and wood in a dark shades will find their place in many homes this year. Dark shades of the wooden elements, will attract the fans of traditional and rustic interior design, and as the dark metal furniture, is considered as a big trend in the upcoming year.


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