4 Most Common Decorating Mistakes That Everyone Should Avoid

Decorating a home on your own can be a real challenge, because it is important to rely solely on your creativity, but also to pay attention to all the possible mistakes that are made in that process of decorating. All people aim to decorate pleasant living space, which at the same time will be functional, but arranged according to your personal style. Therefore, it often happens with the desire for the perfect oasis, to make crucial mistakes that disrupt the harmony and beauty of our home. Therefore we decided to present you 4 most common mistakes that should be avoided when decorating your home.

1. White sofa or couch

The white color of the seating set is the most common choice – it is clean, clear and provides many ideas to decorate the surrounding area. But often on the sofa can be found traces of dirt which can not be cleaned. If you choose a white bed, put a cover in beige or gray color, to avoid frequently dirtying.

2. Colorful walls

Strong colors, patterns and decorative details on the walls are not a good choice, because not only visually reduce the space, but also will make the same overcrowded. If you have a spectacular idea for the walls, paint just one wall of the room.

3. Uncomfortable dining room chairs

This may sound obvious, but you should test your chairs before you buy them. Sit on them leisurely and relaxed, to really make sure that they are comfortable enough for you and your guests.

4. Windows without curtains and drapes

It may look trendy and bring serenity and warm energy in space, but windows without curtains reflect UV rays that can damage your furniture greatly. Plus, living room without curtains gives the impression of messy and unfinished decorating.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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