4 Easy & Simple Steps To Well Organized Closet

Spacious closet where shelves are well organized, clothing is sorted by colors or models, if possible to be set in separate room, is the dream of countless women. As much as we like to fantasize about such an amazing wardrobe, we also like the magic every early morning without headaches caused by a perpetual lack of adequate clothing combinations, not many people you can really afford a whole room dedicated to the wardrobe and accessories. For that purpose, in this post we will help you to declutter your closet and to organize it in a best possible way!

Organize The Clothes

Once you have kicked summer clothing with the arrival of colder days (or vice versa), sort the pieces by color, from bright shades to darker. In addition, you can arrange the clothing by type, ie thicker sweaters or jackets to group together. Wardrobe will be clearer and you will easily find the desired pieces, which will certainly accelerate and styling choice early in the morning.

On Hangers Hold Only Seasonal Clothing

Indeed it is unnecessary to hold on hangers your colorful summer dresses in the winter months because, it will only take up space in the closet. Seasonal clothing that you do not need, is better to store in boxes or trays, and on hangers to set only what you really use.

Good Lighting Is Essential

As in the rest of your home, good lighting is essential for creating a pleasant atmosphere. If you choose the pieces that you will wear to work, in the night before, in case the light sources are poorly distributed, we believe that you will eventually give up and leave this responsibility to the morning. Therefore, make sure that your closet is well lit, whether with floor or wall lamp.

Do Not Save On Mirrors

The crucial thing in any wardrobe, and along with it, is a large mirror. The bigger is the better, so you’re free to give vent to and invest in the massive mirror that you can rely on the wall next to the closet. Trends in the decoration, will be effective and also it will visually increase the space.


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