3 Totally Free Things That Will Completely Transform Your Home

The stylish upgrade of your home does not have to imply complete renovation in terms of rearrangement – new floors, wall color, pieces of furniture … Sometimes it is necessary to make only one change, or add one simple item and the interior will get a completely different atmosphere.


The subtle green color, refreshing aroma and interesting playful leaves, have made it a major choice when it comes to the plants in the home. You can combine it with other flowers, but it will be very striking also if you only put it into a plain empty bottle or a transparent vase. Such decoration can be set in all rooms in the apartment. That way you will have refreshed look and beautiful smell in the home.


When it seems to you that you would not change anything with these details, try again. Black and white photos that you can print from the Internet, big pictures from your family, some portrait, etc…, will be perfect decor into every room in your home. A special story can be photos from your travelings, since they can give your home a personal stamp and reflect your personality.


Trendy mirrors of irregular shape, then old, round, or those in a group of more small mirrors, are always a great choice for refreshing the interior. So, if you have an old damaged mirror, you do not have to throw it away, but use it as it is and put it on the wall or simply place it on a chest, shelf, fireplace. If will be spotlight in every interior design.


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