21 Of The Most Awesome DIY Crafts and Hacks To Make Cool Kids Games

Here is another inspirational post. We will help you to spend more fun time with your family daily. Namely, it is about some inexpensive DIY crafts and hacks that will show you how to make wonderful projects for your kids entertainment. All these DIY projects are so interesting and cool. You can do them with a simple moves and with a little effort.

Make your kids joyful and create some of this brilliant DIY games. They will be fascinated from your creativity. Every second spent in games with them is priceless. Here you will find a bunch of different cool games which you can make in your own home. Under each image have tutorial that will help you step by step to make perfect games for everyday entertainment of your kids. So if you want to surprise your kids, whether it is for their birthday party, or even there shouldn’t be occasion, take a look our interesting collection and surely you will find some wonderful idea. Have fun!

Bean Bag Bowl Toss

Balloon Dart Board

Fun Lollipop Game

Pool Noodle Olympics

Color Matching with Painted Garden Stones



Rocket Toss

DIY Dunk Bucket

Make Your Own Angry Birds Game



Recycled Bottle Bowling

Water Balloon Target Practice

Washers (Urban Horse Shoes)



Magna Doodle Teaching Activities

Ladder Golf

Make a Fence Chalkboard



Spoon Egg Race

Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

Geoboard Maze

DIY Finger Puppet Theatre

Tin Can Indoor Golf

DIY Ring Toss Game

Disk Tic-Tac-Toe


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Author: Ana Duovska


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