Top 16 of The Most Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks Accessible to Everyone

This is one more inspirational post for all those who want to save nerves, time and money. As we are living fast lives, we don’t have enough time for do all our everyday tasks. So, a lot of us are trying to find some easier way to do them, but still not to spend a lot of money. There are a lot creative and inspirational life hacks and crafts that can be found on the web, but for a lot of them you need to have some special tools or special equipment.

But today we made a collection of the most amazing dollar store hacks and crafts which are easy and cheap, and everyone can do them. With other words said, these awesome hacks are accessible to everyone. All you need, you can find in the dollar stores and garage sales. Some of the required items you can find in your home or in your basement. Look carefully at our collection and find the most interesting and amazing hack that you’ll want to try in your own home. Have fun!

Β Bicycle Rims as Wonderful Watch

Urban Outfitters Cupcake Ornaments

Never ever misplace your keys again

Add Command Hooks to the Inside of Your Cabinets

Lost Sock Organizer

Mirrors can become little planters

Egg Carton as Sewing Kit

Build a fold out spice rack

Cups Can be Custom Modular Storage

Hang a Fruit and Veggie Hammock

Faux Bois Centerpiece

Paint Palette as Jewelry Holder

Cabinet Craft Storage with the S hook idea

Cover Oddly Shaped Kitchen Items With Shower Caps

Organize Your Hair Accessories in Craft Organizer Boxes

Silk Screened Butterfly Glasses


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