21 Astonishing Ceiling Designs That Will Enrich The Look Of Your Home Cinema

Pure white ceilings are standard in most rooms, but it is not the only option. If you do not want your walls to be completely in bright colors, but still want to include an unexpected detail, the ceiling is the perfect place. The rest of the walls should have a neutral shade, and you can choose a color that complement them. The ceiling can be usually lowered, to reduce the height of the room or to be set installation of above the ceiling. It can be also used when the surface of the existing ceiling is damaged or uneven, as well as for aesthetic reasons and installing lighting, different visual effects, or seamless flat surface.

Lighting is essential in every room because of functionality, but can also serve as a decorative accent to every ceiling. Installation of suspended ceiling that can be set up additional lighting equipment, will allow you to adjust the light to your current needs – intensive light while reading or sitting at the computer, and dim lighting for relaxing moments. Below we present you one collection of a bunch of wonderful ceilings for your home cinema. All of them are extraordinary and all of them will provide you charming atmosphere and will enrich the look of your home cinema. Check out below and see what we’ve got for you!


Image via Yerko H. Pallominy, ProArc Photography


Image via Rob Karosis Photography


Image via Fort Worth Magazine


Image via Michael Kalla


Image via John Carlson Photography


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