19 Magnificent Modern Ceiling Designs For Personal Touch In Your Living Space

The ceiling is usually lowered to reduce the height of the room and slipped through the installation cavity above the ceiling. It is used when the surface of the existing ceiling, is damaged or uneven, as well as for aesthetic reasons and installation of lighting, different visual effects, flawlessly smooth surface. This detail can give to your living space a personal charm. With good lighting your living space can look very unusual and compelling. With lowering the ceiling, you can make room lower, make smooth surface of the ceiling, the roof construction or installation, or if you merely want good lighting.

Beside the good look, can serve you, if you want to get rid of excessive ceiling or if you want to pass through the installation cavity above the ceiling. The ceiling can be lowered over the entire length, around the perimeter of the room or in the middle, everything depend on what you want to achieve by lowering the ceiling. Gaps in the ceiling with light, in regular or irregular shapes can also be very interesting. Installation of lowered ceilings, allows you to adjust the light intensity in the moment. If you want to transform your boring ceiling with new one, modern and interesting, take a look in our collection and you will find many fascinating ideas!


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