19 Classy Interior Designs With Wooden Wall

Wooden wall in your home will always bring warmth, but also a dose of comfort. Its setting is not demanding, and if you are skilled enough with tools, you can make it by yourself. In making the wooden wall surfaces you can also use and old already used wood, which has no purpose anymore. For this you will need more time, but less money, and dyeing and preparation of old wood gives more creative freedom.

But the other option, or buying a new wood or wooden beams, although is more expensive, it is worth, if you are unsure of your skills and do not have enough time to process the old wood. So let’s look at our creative ideas to decorate the house with wooden walls and partitions. Here you can find solution for every room of your home. If you are wondering whether it will look good, check out below and you will find out. Enjoy in our inspirational collection and get inspired!


Image via Josh Partee Photography


Image via KaDa Photography


Image via Sarah Greenman


Image via Sarah Greenman


Image via Peter Dressel Photography


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