19 Astonishing Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

Romantic interior design with furniture in pastel colors that looks like it was reconstructed, is called Shabby chic. The style originated in the UK and it evokes the atmosphere of the large house, with an old, hand-painted pieces of furniture in soft colors, combined with proper materials creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Exactly, it was created the name Shabby Chic – of words shabby and chic.

Shabby Chic is characterized by a style that prefers soft, pastel colors, the furniture looks like it was restored. This style is gladly accepted and often used in interior design, because it is very warm and friendly. Shabby Chic style celebrates the imperfection and natural beauty and is also very versatile. Today this style every day is more and more popular. The main features of this style are vintage pieces, white and pastel colors, lace and uniqueness. Spaces decorated in this style, are full of freshness, romance and fairy-tale atmosphere.


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