18 Super Functional Ideas For Decorating Comfortable Attic Room

Attic, once considered as poor, wet and too hot area, with the development of technology has shown its full potential. The application of new knowledge and materials enabled the quality construction, and solved the problems of sound and thermal insulation. Today, attics can be open and fresh areas, away from the noise and pollution, well sunlit, with beautiful views and most often without bearing walls. This initial situation provides a lot of freedom in the spatial organization and the creation of original interior design.

The peripheral parts of the attic can be converted into more separate rooms – bedroom, bathroom, child’s room, which leaves the most representative part of the attic open – ideal for “central living space”. Stylistically it is possible to achieve all – from the warm and cozy family nest, to minimalist interiors with clean lines. Skylights will provide ventilation and plenty of natural light for all activities that family members want to deal with. The ideal is a combination of multiple windows in a row that will open the loft to the outside and make it visually more spacious. For lighting the central parts of the attic, additional roof windows can be placed on higher ground, above the worktop, staircases and the like!


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