18 Stunning Billiard Room Designs For More Entertainment In The Home

Billiard sport is among the most popular leisure activities, be it for a professionals or amateur, billiard clubs or you own billiard room in your own home. The pool (billiard) table is the most important component of this sport and has long been seen outside the playroom and billiard clubs. The great diversity of performance of billiard tables and various price categories, allow professional player or an amateur, at home to have pleasure to play billiard game.

Before buying a billiard table, you must ensure that the room is large enough to receive it. In addition to the size of the table, other things must be taken into account, such as other furniture in the room, the estimated number of guests and length of the billiard sticks. Trying to play billiards in a room that is too small can be uncomfortable and make the play to be difficult.

If you have enough space and you can separate one room only for this purpose, we present you a bunch of creative ideas how to decorate that room. Below you can see various examples of billiard rooms decorated in many different styles. Take a look and choose the best design for your billiard room for entertainment. Enjoy!


Image via Nat Rea


Image via Nicole Leone Photography




Image via Peter Rymwid Photography


Image via Bernard Andre Photography






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Author: Ana Duovska


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