18 Extravagant Modern Bathroom Designs To Update Your Design Book With

Recently, we have started a bathroom interior design frenzy with our latest collection of 15 Chic Contemporary Bathrooms For Inspiration And IdeasWe intend to continue with the modern bathroom design, but before we do that, let’s take a quick moment to remind you of our most recent modern design collections that bring you modern variations from various areas such as the exterior, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room and kids’ room

And today, we welcome you to our latest interior design collection from the modern design style which we gladly named a collection of 18 Extravagant Modern Bathroom Designs To Update Your Design Book With. 

This is a collection in which we are going to introduce you to some of the hottest new modern bathroom designs that have been extracted from luxury modern residences from all around the world.
As you can notice by yourself, all of these modern designs of bathroom interiors have a couple of features in common. The easiest to recognize among those features are the clean and sharp lines as well as straight edges, after that we have the simple textured walls with little to no accents at all. Another remarkable feature is the use of glass more than in the other design styles.
Moving on to the modern bathroom utilities such as the bathtub that will most of the times have a smoothly rounded body or a strictly sharp and squared body in white. If you are looking for perfect towel rail for your bathroom, you can get towel rails from abl. Can you recognize some more common features between the featured modern bathroom designs?

Renovation – A Modern Bathroom in Belmont, Victoria

Hillside Modern

Glebe House


Portage Bay

Uptown Penthouse 2

Hollywood Hybrid

Hilltop Modern

Bronte Houses


wood block residence

Gordon St, Balwyn

Sweeney Lake House

Townhouse in Rosslyn

Modernist House

Kingston House 2

Memorial Modern

Modern Bathroom Renovation


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