18 Cool Ceiling Designs For Every Room Of Your Home

Most people spend a lot of time choosing the substrate and the color of the wall and the floor, completely forgetting about the ceilings. In fact, almost all the people paint their ceilings in white, not adding any pigment in other color. The right color, texture and decoration, can highlight the proportions of the room, change the feeling of staying in the room, and minimize any physical defects. With lowering the ceiling, you can make the room to be lower, covering the bumps on the ceiling, roof installation, or if you just want to set good and interesting lighting.

Beside the good look, it can serve you, if you want to get rid of the excessive ceiling or if you want to pass the installation through the cavity above the ceiling. The ceiling can be lowered along the entire length, along the edge of the room or in the middle, depending what you want to achieve, by lowering the ceiling.

There are so many ideas how to decorate the ceiling, you just need to find the one that will fit in your home decor, and will make positive changes in the interior. We made one collection just to help you to choose the coolest ceiling design for your home. Enjoy in our collection!


Image via Ken Hayden


Image via Troy Thies


Image via Taylor Grant Photography


Image via Marion Brenner


Image via Mark Pinkerton VI360 Photography


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