18 Charming Eclectic Living Room Designs That Pop

The eclectic living room is truly a sight to behold. It is the kind of room that is a mirror of your character but it can only be that because of the freedom that the eclectic style gives to you. It is the freedom to choose the colors, finishes and shapes unlike any other style. No one can tell you that your eclectic living room is not a proper eclectic living room because the eclectic style is just so personal.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve showcased 18 Charming Eclectic Living Room Designs That Pop. Take a look at the designs that we’ve introduced today and you’ll discover plenty of ideas that can get you more familiar with the eclectic style but if that’s just not enough, you should check out our fresh compilation of this style. It already has a few collections, namely from the eclectic  kitchenbathroom, powder room and bedroom. Enjoy!

1. The Gray House, Mumbles

2. Eclectic Lounge

3. House in Florence

4. Vibrant Living Room

5. House of Solace

6. Eclectic Living Room

7. Chic Interior

8. Victorian Town House

9. Eclectic Living Room

10. Maison Blanche

11. The Pandy House

12. Eclectic Living Room

13. Art Collector’s Condo

14. Colorful Family Room

15. Vilette 7

16. Posh Playhouse

17. Mitzi by Hudson Valley

18. 19 Rock Street, Milford CT


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