17 Chic Eclectic Powder Room Designs That Will Thrill You

So, the powder room – probably the last room on your list of areas in your home that can use a refresh. Less is more has never been more true than for the powder room, especially the eclectic powder room which, on first sight might look like it is full of stuff but upon closer inspection, you will notice that there isn’t really that much going on there. The illusion is created with a careful selection of tiles, wallpaper and accents that make the room seem quite a lot bigger than it really is.

Today, we’ve compiled a fresh list of interior designs in which you’ll have the chance to see 17 Chic Eclectic Powder Room Designs That Will Thrill You. Take a few moments to explore these designs and you will come across plenty of awesome ideas that you will genuinely fall in love with. The eclectic powder room really is something else so if you are taking the eclectic approach to your home style, you will want to check out these ideas as well as the rest of our showcase of the eclectic style, currently consisting of a collection ofΒ 16 Excellent Eclectic Kitchen Designs That Will Mesmerize You and a collection of 20 Exceptional Eclectic Bathroom Interiors You Must See. Enjoy!

1. Small Powder room

2. 1960’s House


3. Eclectic Powder Room in Paris


4. Kaleidoscope in Lincoln Park

5. Field Avenue, Edithvale

6. Eclectic Powder Room

7. SE Portland Bungalow

8. Lake Geneva Villa

9. Avenues Family House

10. brooklyn townhome

11. Lake Forest Showhouse


12. Eclectic Powder Room

13. Knoll Circle

14. Armadale 2019

15. Brixton Apartment

16. Greenville Powder Room

17. Logan Townhouse


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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