16 Excellent Eclectic Kitchen Designs That Will Mesmerize You

The eclectic home design style is a charming interior design choice that is so easy to love but despite its unorthodox appearance, it is not that easy to get right. One of the most important aspects of decorating in the eclectic style is the layout and the way it plays with the color and texture palettes. The nature of this style is quite varied and there are no fixed rules to follow but that doesn’t meant that each room should be disconnected from the next. Even with the eclectic kitchen design, there needs to be a main color that will set the theme for the entire interior.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve featured 16 Excellent Eclectic Kitchen Designs That Will Mesmerize You. The goal behind this selection of eclectic interiors is to get you familiar with this unique style as it can make a great choice for many types of homes and maybe yours too. Of course, we can’t do that with just one collection of interiors in the eclectic style so we’re going to showcase the entire eclectic home, beginning from the kitchen. Check back soon for more!

1. Sunset Eclectic

2. Grand Street Kitchen

3. Angrot Project

4. Washington, DC Eclectic Kitchen & Living Room Remodel

5. Posh Playhouse 2.0

6. VEREN A23

7. East London Victorian House

8. Eclectic Kitchen

9. Belgrave Road E17 Kitchen

10. Hoxton Cottage – Kitchen

11. Henry House

12. West Balcones

13. Hosford Whole Home Remodel

14. House of Candy

15. Eclectic Kitchen

16. Soho Loft


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