18 Captivating White Floor Designs That Act Pleasant To The Eye

The effect of clean and polished apartment or house you can achieve with white floors, whose beauty attracts. White floors may not are exactly the most ideal for maintenance, but their elegance and serenity will attract you to try yourself in your house or apartment. They will give the room a special charm, because they look like ice rinks and are a perfect match to modern interiors and large rooms.

They will emphasize the whiteness of space, especially if you have decided that the walls and furniture to be completely white. They are excellent also for the combination with furniture in vibrant colors, and definitely with them much better fit than any floor covered with parquet or laminate. The wooden floor has its own special charm for some romantic rustic style and each type of wood you can grind and paint it white. According to your desires, the floor can be milky and white, or it can have antique look, if you deliberately leave it to look a little shabby. At the end, with white floor, you can not go wrong, and the liveliness of the room, you will enter, if you add a few striking details on the walls and modern furniture in a cheerful color.






Tags: floor design, white floor

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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