18 Amazing Scandinavian Bathroom Interior Designs

The design of the bathroom is something specific to every home. Most important of all, the bathroom’s interior design should completely satisfy the needs of those that will be using it the most – the residents of that home. When it comes to the Scandinavians, they have chosen to design their bathrooms in a minimalist style, with the focus set on functionality.

The Scandinavian bathroom is an elegant modern take on bathroom design and its minimalist roots do not limit it in any way from having a stylish appearance. We’ve compiled a new list of interior designs in which we’ve featured 18 Amazing Scandinavian Bathroom Interior Designs. Take a few moments to explore it and you’re going to discover many designs that will bring you closer to the Scandinavian style – a style which is currently the target of our latest showcase which we started with our recent collection of 17 Delightful Scandinavian Kitchen Interiors That Will Fascinate You. Enjoy!

1. Monkstown Project

2. Haw Creek Valley

3. Trading Post Trail

4. Mountainview

5. Nordic Retreat

6. Scandinavian Bathroom Renovation

7. Streathbourne Road, SW17

8. Woodland House

9. Scandinavian Modern Rambler

10. Rozelle House II

11. 131C Kim Tian Rd

12. Spa Bathroom on the Mountain top


14. Scandinavian Bathroom

15. Menlo Park

16. Compact Scandi Style Bathroom

17. Shoko home

18. Normandy Residence


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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