17 Traditional Foyer Designs That Will Impress You

The home is known for the entrance, it is a common saying that many aesthetes says that these square meters are with great importance. Hallway in fact, is becoming more common detail in the apartment with a very thoughtful selecting wall colors, details and furniture. We bring you innovative solutions to make the best use, of this often neglected area and work on this first impression of your home.

The hallways are mostly small rooms, used for storage wardrobe and shoes and when planning the home, is not paying enough attention to decorate this space properly. This space gives the first impression of your home and it is important to look effective and pleasant. This is the challenge ffor the architects and whose examples of planning can you serve as inspiration.

When it comes to the foyer, it also should be well decorated to impress the visitors, and to leave good first impression. If you are wondering how to decorate you foyer, we will show you some creative examples of decorating foyer in traditional style. See them and you might get inspiration!


Image via Rikki Snyder


Image via Matt Edington


Image via Richard Mandelkorn


Image via Tim Proctor


Image via Eileen Sawyer


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