17 Magnificent Ideas For Renovating Your Unused Attic

A home in the attic – it is a dream of many, who want a different, atypical housing. But the problems are, due to the selection of such a living space, usually associated with the fear of its decoration, which is often complicated by the design of the classic home. With proper layout of the furniture, the attic becomes functional, well usable and especially attractive space for housing.

Decoration of the attic is a challenging and demanding task, but it is a particular pleasure, because the space where the roof is sloped, gets a special expression that can never be achieved by flat ceilings and roofs. In addition, the top floor are often equipped with roof windows, which provides better illumination than conventional vertical space, because of the angle of inclination in relation to the natural light source. The play of light and shadow, which creates breaks in the ceiling, provides an additional attraction, which looks effectively even without furniture.

The attic rooms are especially sensitive to the changes in seasons: in summer is very hot and in the winter can be very cold. Therefore, it is especially important to plan the installation of thermal insulation in the roof slope. To maintain the desired room temperature, be sure to predict heating and cooling system. Such a system should be independent of the heating or air conditioning in the rest of the house.

Once you’ve resolved all functional barriers in the attic of your home, then concentrate on the thoughts of designing furniture. It can be completely minimalist to highlight all the roof surfaces and their construction, which is often case when decorating an attic.




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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