17 Inspirational Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Copper Elements

The use of copper or its imitation of other materials in the golden pink color, is big trend in the interior. The color of this metal brings warmth in the home and makes it comfortable and snug, sleek and luxurious. From the copper can be made real furniture, decorative items, wall tiles, lamps, sinks, parts for kitchen utensils. Whether the interior design is sleek, monochrome and modern or rustic and natural, copper will easily fit. It will emphasize the space or make the contrast in it. You can use it in detail or in the foreground, to whitewash the walls and ceilings in the shade of rust, put the curtains in these shades, as well as carpets, bed cover, decorative pillows, but do not overdo it, so the room will not seem crowded.

Designers are particularly interested in decorating with inspiring copper bathtubs, which will enter the bathroom spirit of bygone times, and modern chandeliers and lamps, that are ideal for dining room, living room and bedroom. However, the “habitat” of the copper is the kitchen. Decorate it with various copper pots, hang them where they will always be visible to the reddish-brown glow came to the fore. Tables and chairs in a ton of rust can be your choice, whether they are made of copper or painted in this shade. Of course, the copper to have a big shine, you should clean it regularly. Dip half a lemon in the time and gently go over the surface. See some creative examples and you might find idea how to decorate your dream home with copper elements!


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