17 Delightful Interior Designs With Laminate Flooring

With the development of technology for production and processing of materials, the advantages of laminate flooring are increasing. In addition to quick and very simple installation, laminates can now boast a large number of designs and colors. They can imitate wood, ceramics and even stone. The features of the laminate are such compatible, that they can perfectly match every room in the home or in public spaces, and can be even placed in the kitchen.

Designs of the laminate can represent cork, raw wood to look like flooring or decking. One pattern is produced in several colors, so it will please even those picky people.
Besides the looking like a high-quality wooden flooring, laminate flooring can imitate stripped wood, ceramic tiles, various kinds of stone. Such floors have a great advantage over the law of ceramic and stone, in terms of speed and ease of installation, and even prices, while their resistance to moisture, stains, and the pressure, is satisfactory in the housing interior. We present you one collection of some delightful interiors with laminate flooring. See them and you will get inspired!


Image via Becki Peckham


Image via John Martinelli


Image via Dejourdans Photographics


Image via Sue Murray


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