17 Classy Masculine Interior Designs For Your Inspiration

Apartment for a young, modern and urban man, usually is not designed for pastel colors and floral designs. If someone thinks that men have not developed a sense of style, that is not true. The best proof of these are the interiors below, which are a mixture of styles, clear and defined lines, full of details that reflect masculinity. There are so many tasteful interior designs that are more adequate for men.

If you are decorating masculine interior, you need to try to avoid pastel colors, as well as vibrant pink, purple, rose. You need to add bold, strong and dramatic colors to make the space more stylish and elegant. Dark furniture with bright details will be perfect solution for every room. You can add also other vibrant colors as orange, white, red, yellow, in the form of some decorative items. If you are trying to find some inspirational examples for decorating masculine interior, take a look at our collection and maybe you will find what you are looking for. Have fun and be productive!


Image via Ryan Patrick Kelly


Image via David Sundberg, ESTO


Image via KuDa Photography


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