17 Brilliant Rainbow Interior Designs For All Those Who Think Outside The Box

The environment in which we live just can not imagine without color. Dark room with the help of colors, optical will seem lighter, smaller will look greater and long room can seem shorter. There are colors that disturb us, others will give us pleasant calm, some act warm while other cat cold. Colors are not only pleasing the eye, which visually identify them, but they have pleasant or unpleasant effect on our thinking and feeling.

The best combinations of colors for the interior are colors of the pallets that come from nature. These include neutral white, gray, comfortable brown and cream colors combined with bright sea blue, yellow or orange. There are colors that many people avoid but it is important to choose the right shades that will blend and create a harmonious and relaxing look.

If you think outside the bow and you want to do something extraordinary in your interior design, we present you some brilliant ideas. If you opt for rainbow interior design, you will always have lively and cool atmosphere in your room. There are so many kinds how to incorporate rainbow decor in your home. Take a look at our collection and you will see some beautiful examples. Enjoy!


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