17 Attractive Curtains That You Will Spice Up Your Interior Design

Curtains are that piece of home textile that gives the space a feeling of elegance, preserves the intimacy of space, but also creates an atmosphere. If you need to choose curtains for your working corner in the apartment, choose transparent, white or beige, and the room will get warmth and more light. If you have more windows in the same room, you can play with colors and different fabrics.

Green is a good color for thick curtains, and the shades of purple, pink or yellow in the room, will bring light and good mood. One of the ideas which is trendy this season, is playing with tonal contrasts. Care should be taken when selecting fabric for curtains, especially if you want double curtains. Velvet fabrics are often visually heavy and they only fit in large spaces. In lower areas or, for example, in rooms in the attic, the space should not be visually reduced, and here should be placed shorter curtains. No matter of the style of decor, curtains should be very effective and practical.


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