16 Truly Amazing Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

Extremely popular for its warmth and soft colors, shabby chic style, you can import into your interior, first in the form of details, which will greatly refresh the entire space and add rural and original tone. Little things done in shades and form of this trend, enrich the whole ambience, bringing to your home a whole new charm and changing its look entirely, while they do not cost a lot and do not require too much time to set up. The emergence of this style is linked to the rural England. The point is that in many homes the interior design was based on the restoration of old family furniture, so that the result is combination of old and new, that inspired the designers for a new style, which have proven that in some cases that old timeless items can be chic.

The idea has spread to America first, and then the whole world, and its popularity is still not falling. One of the most famous characteristic of this style are bright and pastel colors. Furniture and walls are usually in white, but are quite acceptable and bright shades of beige, and the sky blue. Even the details are in soft colors, and it is very popular so-called “antique pink” color and a lot shades of light blue. White color appears in all its shades and so the look of the furniture and whole interior in general is retro. Unlike the industrial style, Shabby chic furniture at first glance looks like it was lovingly handmade. Browse our collection and find some idea how to enter shabby chic in your home!


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