16 Super Functional Ideas How To Use The Space Under The Stairs

You would not believe all the ways you can use and what you can fit under the stairs in the house! Very functional and often unused space is the one under the stairs. This space looks small and cramped, and if you do not use it the right way, you will loose many benefits.

From simple wardrobe and working corners or kitchen, till wine cellar and small bathroom, the possibilities are endless. You might be surprised from the examples below. Through several images we will show you the smart use of this space, which will make your life easier. Especially those who have a small apartment and every inch of the free space is very important to them. As well as those who prefer to have in their house as much free space in which will enjoy. Stairs besides serving its purpose, can be of great benefit in every house. If you are wondering how to use this unused space in the home, take a look in our inspirational collection and you will see many great examples. Enjoy and be productive!


Image via Jett Butler


Image via Lee Manning Photography


Image via Taggart Sorenson


Image via Thibault Pousset Photographe


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