16 Lively Scandinavian Kids’ Room Designs Your Children Would Enjoy

Every room that is meant to satisfy the needs of a kid regardless of its age needs to be carefully planned and designed because it is this room that the kid will grow up in and develop hobbies, interests and skills. This is also going to be the room that the children will use to play, study, rest and invite friends over. All of this makes the kids’ room a place that requires a lot of care and attention during the design phase because it is highly likely that the design chosen then will be the design that will remain over the years with slight changes to it. This means that you need to make sure that the design you choose will suit your children’s needs throughout many different periods of their childhood where their interests and preferences might change a lot of times. This is also what makes designing and decorating the kids’ room quite a difficult task.

The Scandinavian kids’ room interior design on the other hand is quite simple. It is based on the practice of minimalism but also includes a lot of natural light, neutral colors and wood accents. You might think that this is not the right choice for a kids’ room because of the minimalist decor and neutral colors but the designs that you are going to see below will change your mind.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Lively Scandinavian Kids’ Room Designs Your Children Would Enjoy. This collection is a new part of our showcase of the Scandinavian home design style which so far has brought us designs of the Scandinavian kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining roomEnjoy!

Scandinavian Nursery

Line Hindsgaul

A Boy’s Room

Mill House, Barn Conversion

Tiana House

Östra Banvägen

Scandinavian Kids’ Room

Carmelit St.

Kita House


Bedroom and Playroom

A Teen’s Room


Scandinavian Kids’ Room

Modern Interior

Scandinavian Interior


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