17 Exceptional Scandinavian Kitchen Interiors Every Gourmet Would Love

The Scandinavian home design style is a design characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality which originates from the ’50s in the Nordic countries. It is very similar to the modern and contemporary home design styles because in a way, it is their predecessor.
The Scandinavian style has got quite a lot of characteristic features that are very easy to spot in all of the designs below. One of the first things that you will notice is that the white color is the basic color of all of the designs. It is the dominant color and can be found everywhere including the walls, furniture, appliances, art and more. The white color goes well with the natural light which is the primary source of lighting in any Scandinavian interior which is also a reason for the absence of curtains and window shades.
The Scandinavian design style is also known for its minimalism and simplicity which is very easily noticeable in the images that you are going to see below. You’ll notice that the key pieces of furniture have clean and simple lines as well as a neutral color. The wooden features, which you are going to see in pretty much any home designed in the Scandinavian style, provide a good contrast to the white color and neutral colors. All of this combined makes a great Scandinavian interior.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 17 Exceptional Scandinavian Kitchen Interiors Every Gourmet Would Love. This collection is going to be the one with which we will start a new showcase with an aim to go over every part of the Scandinavian home and bring you as many designs with inspiration ideas as possible. To start off, the Scandinavian kitchen seemed like a great choice, and soon, you’ll see why. Enjoy!

The Scandinavian Kitchen

JKE Køkken

Villa Nilsson

3802 Noble Avenue


Long Island Sound House

Scandinavian Kitchen


Michaela Forni

New Canaan Connecticut In-town Storybook Cottage

Dutchess County Residence, Amenia, NY

Stylish Scandy Style garden apartment in Chelsea

Riebl Residence

Scandinavian Kitchen Interior

Apartamento Luz

Styling Härlandavägen

Scandinavian Interior


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