16 Interesting Options For Lighting In The Basement

Before you decide to adapt the basement into living space, make sure you have access to the sewage network, such as burglary protection, if there is another exit, if the lighting is adequate, as the ventilation and heating. If the room is humid, that way you need to protect from moisture. The basement can serve as a space for a separate apartment, and if you have a separate entrance, there will be no problems with reconstruction.

In order to have as much air and light, it is recommended that the basement is as open, ie. to not build too many walls. If due to lack of housing, you want to expand the housing conditions in the basement, then you must take care to meet the same standards as regular housing. This applies to the size and type of the windows, and the height of the ceiling.

When it comes to the light, because the basement has a lack of light, you need to find the right lighting solutions that will provide pleasant stay and rest. Beside the central lighting there should have additional source of lighting to improve the whole ambience. In our photo gallery you can see some creative examples of basement lighting. Take a look and enjoy!


Image via Nantucket Architectural Photography


Image via Andrew Snow


Image via Brian Barkley


Image via Rob Karosis Photographer


Image via Bob Narod


Image via Tim Proctor


Image via Libbie Holmes Photography


Image via Leslie Goodwin Photography


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