16 Classic Home Library Designs That Are Dream Of Every Book Lover

Whether it is small or large, home library must be well decorated, transparent and beautiful. We suggest you some creative ideas how to design your own home library to be functional and practical. Many book lovers are faced with the problem how to create a beautiful and functional space for the book collection, which each year is certainly more bigger.

There’s something about the books, that make every room seem more intimate, more lively and interesting. If you have space, create a library along the wall. If you, however, you do not have, sufficient can be one corner. The dimenzions of your avaiable space are not important, but the pleasure that it provides this refuge. Therefore,you should select some empty wall, place the shelves on it and fill them with your favorite books. Add a comfortable chair or sofa, coffee table and lamp, and create a pleasant environment for reading and relaxation. The position and size of the library in the apartment, as well as a way of disposing of the books, speaks more about their owners. Colourful books, skillfully combined with striking details can make the space more elegant and inspirational. The library is the perfect place for a break even when you do not read the works of favorite writers.

Image via Matt Wargo Photography


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