16 Attractive Accent Wall Designs To Refresh Every Home Decor

The easiest way to put the accent on the wall in every part of the interior, is to paint one wall in a darker color than the other walls, or in a bright color. However, some walls will as accent have a greater visual impact than others, and sometimes even the accent wall can correct an inaccuracy in the room or brought freshness and a new atmosphere in the room.

It is best as an accent, to use a wall that has no windows or doors. Plain, often small wall without architectural features can bring to a room personality and create a special atmosphere, if it is painted in a more intense color. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and you can use accent wall to accentuate the decorative windows or doors. For example, if you have the windows of unusual shape or have an attractive door, the accent wall will draw attention to them.

If you don’t want to accent the wall only with color, you can set some decorative items that will attract the attention of everyone. In our gallery below you can see some inspirational examples of accented walls which surely will delight you and inspire you. Enjoy!


Image via Paul Craig


Image via Brett Beyer Photography


Image via Durston Saylor


Image via David Hartig


Image via Mary Gardella


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