15 Traditional Exterior Designs That Never Go Out of Style

In the world of home design, there’s a certain timeless elegance that traditional exteriors bring to a house. These 15 traditional exterior designs are more than just architectural choices; they are gateways to the heart of a home. Stepping into these classic facades is like opening a storybook and entering a world of enduring charm.

A well-manicured garden frames these homes, creating a serene transition from the bustling world outside to the cozy haven within. As you stroll along the garden paths or relax on the patio, you’ll notice that these traditional exteriors seamlessly blend elements like entry halls, stairs, porches, decks, and carefully planned landscapes.

Each design tells a unique tale, from the gracious columns of colonial-style homes to the welcoming verandas of Cape Cod cottages. With a nod to history and an eye on the future, these traditional exteriors embrace a timeless aesthetic that never loses its appeal.

Join us on a journey through these 15 traditional exterior designs, where the garden, patio, entry hall, stairs, porch, deck, and landscape are all part of the narrative, creating homes that stand as enduring symbols of classic style.

1. Traditional Exterior, Chicago

2. Traditional Exterior, London

3. Lifestyle Garden

4. Traditional Exterior, Seattle

5. Traditional Exterior, Raleigh

6. Traditional Exterior, Los Angeles

7. Traditional Exterior, Minneapolis

8. Keowee Manor

9. Traditional Exterior, San Francisco

10. Traditional Exterior, New York

11. Noe Valley

12. Traditional Exterior, Baltimore

13. Traditional Exterior, New Orleans

14. Traditional Exterior, San Francisco

15. Traditional Exterior, Toronto


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