15 Provence Style Interior Designs That Are More Than Inviting

When we think of Provence, the scent of lavender fields and the beauty of unique landscapes immediately descend into our minds. The most beautiful villages in France are located in Provence. It is characterized by a modern, fresh and incredibly comfortable style. If you want to breathe the fragrant of Provence and to enter it into your home, you do not need big changes throughout the apartment, just add a few simple details.

We suggest several decorative ideas that will help your house to look like a villa in this French area. Tablecloths are a great way to decorate your dining room. Use long white or beige tablecloths. Shades of gray and blue are also suitable. For the windows in the kitchen, buy curtains made of natural materials. No plastic and glass! Only natural materials, such as wood. It is best to use furniture that is hand-painted with light pastel colors.

Use as much textile as possible – pillows, rugs, bedspreads, or handmade decorations of fine fabrics, that suit the interior. Do not forget about a bunch of dry lavender: it’s the main addition to this amazing style. A picture of lavender can also be a great addition, when it comes to decorations. The main principle of the interior in this style is gentleness. For this reason, choose light spring pastel shades: gently pink, blue, beige, light lilac. Decorate the wall with pictures of animals, sea beaches, children and ladies in hats and light romantic themes. Wrought iron items are also desirable. This are the most important elements of this appealing style.


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