15 Outstanding Apartment Interior Designs That Will Leave You Speechless

Arrangement of apartments is very demanding and challenging job, especially if they are with small sizes. In a few squares should be placed living room, kitchen and bedroom, and on the other side, the space needs to be functional and beautiful. Often we’re limited with the budget and the size of the space, and we want to design a functional space. So the first thing we need to solve is how to make use of the small space to be more functional, and to make the apartment to be be pleasant and nice.

For first it is good to start with the selection of the interior colors. For small sized interiors choose lighter tones that will not close the space. White and gray are a good choice, but if you just want the “real” color, we recommend gentle pastel shades of pink, blue or peach. In the apartments is always a problem the lack of storage space.
And we know that things left on the bed, the couch or chairs create the impression of disorder, which visually reduces the space. Therefore, to every possible nook make space to set up a shelf, dresser or closet. By cleverly placing the lighting you can visually enlarge the space. Instead of chandeliers to choke the space, set ceiling lights and make sure that there won’t be any part of it in the shadows. Here we present you some functional ideas how to decorate high stylish and sophisticated apartment!

Image courtesy of Emil Dervish


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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