15 Dramatic Dark Flooring Design Ideas

Those who are not afraid to deviate from the template, and who will decide to choose a dark floor, will have the privilege to enjoy the elegant and sophisticated ambience. However, you should know some tips when choosing this, whether it comes to wood flooring, marble, ceramic, marble or granite, how not make dark and cold space. If the room has good lighting (natural or artificial), color and hue of dark floor, will play a crucial role. But if the lighting is dim, it is good to choose lighter shades of dark the dark floor.

It is also important to pay attention to the color of the walls. If the walls are white, and the floor is dark, you should be careful not to get to a situation where the walls will look like a kind of cap, which will limit the sense of spaciousness and width. You should know that dark floors not correspond with dark pieces of furniture, so you should choose furniture in bright colors. This is especially true for those floors with high gloss. Dark floors should not be overcrowded with carpets and rugs. They look great and without carpet. If you opt for a carpet, let it be in bright colors and with smaller dimensions.


Image via Bernard Andre


Image via Barry Schwartz Photography


Image via Camille Pyatte


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