15 Delightful Painted Ceiling Ideas For More Dramatic Atmosphere

If you want to break the monotony in your interior design, without making big structural changes, you can opt for adding some vibrant color. For example, you can paint your ceiling in some vibrant color. That way the whole atmosphere will change. Depending on the room, and on the effect that you want to achieve you can choose form the whole pallet of colors.

If you think outside the box, and you want more dramatic and bold effect, red ceiling will be perfect choice for you. Or you can opt for brown, or even black. If you want to visually enlarge your room, you must choose some soft and bright color. Light bule, cream, and light pink are the most suitable for such place. In the kids room, it is the best to add some lively color. It will increase the happiness in the kids room. If you are in doubt what color to choose, see our examples and you will find idea. Enjoy!


Image via Julie Soefer


Image via Melanie G Photography


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